Official Journal of Department of Physical Education, Bharathiar University Coimbatore
Vol. 12 No. 4 (2021): Volume 12, Issue 4, Year 2021

Impacts of Asanas and Pranayama on Flexibility and Vital Capacity among Cricketers

Mahesh P
Physical Director, V.C.V. Shishu Vidyodaya Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Published 2021-11-20


  • Asanas,
  • Pranayama,
  • Flexibility,
  • Vital Capacity and Cricketers

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P, M. (2021). Impacts of Asanas and Pranayama on Flexibility and Vital Capacity among Cricketers. Bharathiar National Journal of Physical Education and Exercise Science (ISSN:0976-3678) E-ISSN Applied (International Peer-Reviewed Journal), 12(4), 9–13. Retrieved from


This examine evaluated the Effects of Asanas and Pranayama on Flexibility and Vital Capacity. The current research was conducted at the V.C.V. Shishu Vidyodaya Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The age of the subjects were ranged between 13 to 16 years. The subjects active were randomly assigned to two equal groups. Group - I (n=20) underwent yogic training group and Group - II (n=20) control group. Tools and Technique i.e. flexibility and vital capacity were used and measured in this study to know the effects of asanas and pranayama on its. Measurements for the variables were taken at the pre test and at the end of the treatment period, after eight weeks post test the data were collected for all the variables from treatment group, for three days. During this period the subject were not allowed to participate in any training. The information was analyzed using paired‘t’ test to compare the before and after yogic training programme values of treatment group. P value of less than 0.05 was accepted as indicating significant difference between the compared values. The results of this investigation indicate that eight weeks of asanas and pranayama practice can significantly improve flexibility and vital capacity in school level cricketers


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